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Wonder Lace Bond Waterproof Adhesive - Remover Spray 4 Oz.

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Our Wonder Lace Bond remover spray is finally back and better than ever! Our remover spray revamped with ungraded formulation and sturdy nozzle pump for convenient use. The new formulation is not only gentle on the skin/hairline but also wig. The perfect wig application includes easy removal and our remover spray give you that!

❤ [REMOVER] Our Wonder Lace Bond Remover Spray is the ultimate remover spray to easily and gently remove your wig. Also good to use to clean up the any excessive adhesive that is left along the hairline.
❤ [CITREUS SCENT] Our Wonder Lace Bond Remover spray has citrus scent for you can complete your wig routine and smell fresh.
❤ [MIST] Easy to use and mess free mist type pump to make your removal process less complicated.
❤ [DELICATE] New and improve formulation of the remover spray that is delicate on the skin and also the wig so that you can reuse your wig for multiple uses.
❤ [FREE OF] Our Wonder Lace Bond remove Spray is free of silicon and paraben meaning you can slay your wig while being conscious.

How To Use:

1. Apply along adhesive area.
2. Let it sit, and wipe any adhesive that has lifted.
3. Shampoo any remaining residue.

NOTE: For best removal results, use EBIN WONDER LACE BOND.