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12A Pineapple 14"

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Direct from Factory Unprocessed Hair.

  • 100% Virgin Human Hair
  • Bleach, Perm, Dye
    Detangle the hair, then wash with lukewarm water.
    We recommend using a mild detangling shampoo and a nourishing conditioner.
    Leave conditioner in for at least 5 mins. then rinse,
    letting lukewarm water run through the hair downward.


    Pat dry with towel.
    Brush starting at the bottom and work your way upward.
    Air drying or low-heat drying is recommended.
    Never wrap your damp hair in a towel.


    Avoid heavy products such as mousse, hair spray and gel.
    They can cause build-up and attract dust.
    We recommend using ceramic irons only on dry hair.
    Ceramic irons have even, well distributed heat.
    Do not use hot stove iron.

    We do not recommend bleaching or dyeing “Natural Black” hair.